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MIDI HACK is a celebration the protocols (such as midi, osc & cv) and technologies that are the backbone of analog and digital music creation.

The goal of MIDI HACK is to bring together industry leaders, interesting start-ups, software developers, hardware fanatics and musicians who push the envelope of music creation, and to spawn great and creative ideas for the future. Ever wanted to rip apart MIDI controllers to create a new one? Maybe write a new VST or AU? Or how about finding new ways to perform? Then this is the hack for you.

MIDI HACK - Stockholm Edition

The first MIDI HACK took place in Stockholm, Sweden, the 17-18th of May 2014. You can see the (unedited) demo session from our hack in Stockholm here below. Presentations starts at 7 minutes in!

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Meet the Team

Rikard Jönsson

Rikard Jönsson

Runs his own record label called Jämmerdosa. DAW user for the last ten years with a passion for granular synthesis.

Sebastian Höglund

Sebastian Höglund

Food loving renaissance man who’s currently putting all time and effort into music, film and photography at Höglund & Höglund.


Get in touch via info@midihack.com

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